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Why a mobile site? - Shoppers spend $20 Billion on Mobile Devices!

A recent study by Javelin Strategy and Research, a research firm specialising in strategic insights, has highlighted the monumental uptake of Mobile Internet usage. Sites optimised for mobile are fast becoming equally as important as their desktop counterparts and if you haven't got a mobile site, chances are you are missing out on huge amounts of traffic. We have recently introduced Verisign MobileView mobile website builder to make mobile site design simple.

What about m-commerce or mobile e-commerce? Javelinís recent study shows a dramatic increase in transactions over the last 12 months. The app market is growing all the time as well and can be an essential part of a businessís mobile strategy. However, apps are platform specific. A website for mobile can be accessed by anyone on a mobile device on any platform and with Verisign MobileView they take less development time too!

Over the last 12 months, there has been $20.7 billion spent from mobile devices. $5 billion of this spending came from tablets, the other $15.7 billion from smartphones. The study was based on a number of surveys that asked how mobile users were making use of m-commerce. This highlights just how important the mobile market already is. Users are spending more time on their mobile devices and subscriptions to mobile Internet plans are becoming substantially more affordable. A combination of these factors is creating another Internet economy in the form of m-commerce.

Clearly this is a long term trend which you need to take advantage of. When you buy a .com or .net domain name from you get a free mobile site! It makes things incredibly simple for you and ensures that people accessing your site from mobile devices get the best experience possible. on Facebook on Twitter on Google+ Keep up-to-speed with News