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.tel TLD Application Approved by ICANN

On 2nd March 2007, .tel was added to the DNS root zone, becoming the 15th generic top-level domain under contract with ICANN on the Internet.

Telnic, who applied for the TLD to be added, was founded in 1998 with the mission of developing and delivering cutting-edge technology and solutions for a new Internet communications based Top Level Domain Name. This new TLD is designed to be a universal text naming and navigation system for contact information accessed from Internet enabled communications devices, and is therefore unique among TLDs.

To achieve this objective, Telnic applied to ICANN in October 2000 for an Internet communications-specific sponsored top level domains. Although there were multiple applications, Telnic’s application was the only one to propose the exclusive use of text naming and navigation in the Internet communications space. In March 2004, Telnic once again submitted an ICANN application for the .Tel registry, and in May 2006, ICANN approved the application.