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Targeted Domain Traffic

Tom McDonald identifies the preferences of Google and Yahoo. He comments on the way these companies do not want to have domainers as clients but want traffic through an aggregator (e.g. DomainSponsor, NameDrive, and Sedo).

"Now let’s look at the large ad networks out there; Google and Yahoo!. They’ve become fairly hostile towards individuals with a plain ‘ol parked page. Sure, it can be done if you’re large enough or if you go through an aggregator but for the folks with just a handful of domains, they’re making it tough. I wonder what is going to happen? I wonder what monster of an advertising facilitator is going to fill the gap? What do GOOG and Y! have to lose? Well, the little guy may very well turn into a big guy, but he’s already been chased away. And, this new monster company may woo other huge advertisers away form the two staples. It’s opening the door and I think the two biggies are going to be left with tremendous feelings of regret for having pissed on the [for now] little guys. I could be wrong but my guess is that AdBrite or some other soon to be monster stands to gain quite a bit from the policies imposed by the biggies."

To properly monetise thousands of ads, you will need a range of active advertisers. Michael Gilmour identifies AdCenter by Microsoft as a candidate, but there are rumours of trials with selected domain name owners. Generally they seem to not to want association with domain investment and usually monetise typo traffic through their IE default search. Possibly a domain rental companies will fill this place or a new player could emerge…