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.PW Sunrise nearly over - Landrush Edges Closer!

Lots of our users have been taking advantage of the .PW sunrise period in the last few weeks to make sure their brand names and trademarks are protected before the new .PW namespace is opened to the public. The .PW domain name is the best way to represent yourself or a business as a professional on the web.

There’s just 7 days left to make your application, as the sunrise period ends on the 8th February 2013. We all know what a big problem cybersquatting can be and why it’s essential to protect what’s yours! Head over to the Domain Registration page to start your sunrise application.

As the sunrise period draws to a close, the Landrush phase edges ever closer.

Landrush is the phase that makes generic, short, keyword and potentially extremely valuable domain names available to the public.

You’ll have the chance to register some of the best domain names in the new .PW namespace. For example, if you’re a recruitment company, maybe you could secure Are you a graphic design freelancer? You’ll have the chance to register! These domain names are literally invaluable to your online presence. A generic, keyword, or short domain name can be the difference between your website becoming a viral success, or never getting off the ground.

The Landrush phase begins on the 18th February 2013 and concludes on the 18th March 2013.

During this time, if multiple applicants apply to register the same domain name, that domain will enter into an auction. You can then bid against the other applicants for that domain and hopefully secure the ideal name for you or your business. There is no limit to the number of domain names you can apply for.

The landrush auctions will be operated by Namejet, one of the most established domain name aftermarket platforms around. They’ll be safe, secure and most importantly, fair.

Secure the perfect .PW domain name for you or your business during Landrush and appear incredibly professional online.

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