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Nominet registers 10 Millionth .uk domain

There are now over 10 Million domain names registered in the .uk TLD. A photographer registered a new domain for a magazine he plans to launch in the summer and without realising it became the biggest milestone in .uk domain history. The UK internet has improved in recent years both in terms of infrastructure and investment. This shows that UK businesses and global businesses wanting to trade in the UK understand the power of a .uk domain.

Lesley Cowley is the Chief Executive of Nominet. She was extremely happy to have reached this milestone. Nominet has been growing at a steady 10% for the past few years, which is another testament to the ever popular .uk TLDs. Nominet itself is a non-profit organisation, making these great figures even more difficult to achieve in some respects. They suggest that renewal rates are around 70%. This is an indication that these domains are not just being registered and parked but are actively being developed into unique and useable websites. In 2011 there were over 2million new registrations. This makes .uk domains the second most popular ccTLD in the world, behind Germany’s .de ccTLD. continues to be the most popular .uk ccTLD.

Nominet has great plans for the future including applications for .cymru and .wales TLDs under ICANNS New gTLD programme. This could see a decrease in the number of .uk domains being registered in the coming years. However this is a process that most registrys will experience as more and more new gTLDs appear on the market. The applications made by Nominet will help provide Welsh businesses with a more defined identity online. They have created a new marketing campaign for .uk domains which we will begin to see “from May this year”.

This is brilliant news for not just Nominet but for all UK internet users. It shows a growing level of trust in .uk domains, not just nationally but internationally too! This helps your business stand out in the global market, while still representing your brick and mortar base with a .uk domain. This is an exciting time for the .uk registry and we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds! Don’t forget you can register all of your favourite TLDs at including all the available .uk domain names!