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.mx Domain Pricing announced by Registry

The wait is over, and the .mx registry has now announced pricing for the much anticipated public launch of the .mx second level domain (eg:, NOT

Landrush is due to launch on 1st September 2009, running through to 31st October 2009 . is an .mx accredited registrar and will be accepting Landrush pre-orders for the .mx domain name from 10th August 2009.

Working on a reducing sliding scale throughout the Landrush period, bulk purchasers (25+ domains) will be able to pre-order their .mx domains from $599 per domain name, with single purchase prices anticipated at $699. Pre-orders will be placed with the .mx registry the second they open on the 1st September 2009.

The .mx registry will then reduce the cost of an .mx domain throughout the remaining Landrush period at un-disclosed intervals and amounts. will reflect this reduction at each and every interval with reduced prices to our registrants.

Many other recent domain launches have seen registries work in an auction format during the first public offering stage, commonly known as Landrush. The .mx registry have clearly identified the value of securing the best real estate first and have opted for this sliding scale Landrush model. Renewal pricing is anticipated at $34.99 for bulk renewals (25+ domains).