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Special Offers every 24 hours - The Monster Countdown Calendar. wants to thank every single one of our customers, followers and fans for all your support this year. We’ve had a great time helping you all out with your domains and we hope it continues long into 2013! As part of our countdown we’re offering our customers a new offer each and every day until Christmas Eve!

There’s only one page you need to bookmark at this time of year and that’s our Monster Christmas Countdown Calendar. Each and every day you’ll get a new code to use at the checkout. This might mean giving you a domain name at a greatly reduced price. It might mean getting a web hosting package at a fraction of the normal cost. It could mean letting you create an email address for next to nothing. What we do know is you’re going to be impressed with these offers!

You can use these offer codes if you’re an existing customer, or are just creating an account. They’re for everyone! So don’t forget to Tweet, Blog and Post the offer wherever you can. Your friends are sure to appreciate the tip off.

It could give you a spark of inspiration for a gift idea too! We think that domain names make great little gifts for friends and family members interested in Technology. If they’re already blogging, tweeting or pinning, why not give them a shiny domain name that they can use to give their profile some real identity!

The only way to find out is to check our Monster Christmas Countdown Calendar each day and see what code has appeared! Each code will be valid for only 24 hours so don’t delay! Following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, if you aren’t already, will certainly help keep you up to date too.

We’ve tried to include something for everyone in this promotion. There’s already been a massive uptake in our first couple of days. If you want to save yourself some money this Christmas, look no further than

Help us bring in the festive season with a great cheer and save yourself some money while you’re at it! on Facebook on Twitter on Google+ Keep up-to-speed with News