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ICANN Fellowship Program

Due to the new trial global fellowships program more people will be able to attend ICANNís 29th Public Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"We want to foster increased participation from developing and least developed nations at our public meetings ó and this fellowship program will do just that," said ICANNís Executive Officer and Vice President Corporate Affairs, Paul Levins.

Priority was given for current residents in developing and lesser developed nations interested in participating in the ICANN government advisory committee, the country code domains supporting organization, and generic names supporting organisation. The fellowship will assist in supporting airfare, hotel and a stipend. Recipients are expected to actively participate in contributing to ICANN processes. Registration for ICANNís meetings is free.

"The program will play a key role in meeting part of ICANNís operational plan ó which has been through extensive public discussions and consultations ó to create a program to encourage and find participation by interested parties in developing countries," said Levins.

After meeting, ICANN will receive feedback on the program from participants and the public, and be able to identify areas for improvements.

"As a global organization ICANN is working hard to reach out and work with people from every part of the world, and especially individuals and organizations from developing countries, Making sure we have participation from people who normally couldnít attend means ICANNís work in the administration of the Domain Name and Internet Protocol addressing systems is more accountable and transparent."