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.EU Domain Names Still Growing in Popularity!

A lot of customers have already registered their .EU domain name. It’s the best Top Level Domain (TLD) for helping you establish a presence in the European Union. But how is the TLD performing? Eurid, the .EU registry, have just released their latest progress report, which gives us all an insight into the performance of .EU domain names and the registry in Q3 2012.

The year has finished with even more consistent growth. Marc Van Wesemael, the General Manager of Eurid, said:

“I am happy to report that this is the second consecutive quarter in which year-over-year net growth has remained above 7%.”

An impressive statistic we hope you’ll agree! There was a 7.4% increase in the total number of .EU domains registered from Q3 2011 to Q3 2012. Due to the constantly changing TLD landscape at the moment, mainly thanks to ICANNs New gTLD programme, the .EU TLD actually slipped from 10th to 11th in the biggest TLD league table.

Q2 has seen EURID introduce a number of useful services, such as an app which allows ‘the public and registrar community’ to check how EURID services are currently performing and a new magazine and video to highlight the work EURID are currently performing. They’ve also introduced advertising in four major European airports to continue their efforts to help the .EU TLD become more recognised throughout the continent.

.EU domain names are fast becoming one of the most popular TLDs in Europe. Businesses and individuals alike are embracing their chance to become a part of the European market through a .EU domain name. Not only do .EU domains tend to perform better in geographically targeted search engines, but they also show a commitment to working within Europe which other major TLDs cannot match. There is also increasing consumer confidence in .EU domains as they become more and more recognised by the general public. You can register .EU domain names with for an industry leading price. You’ll also protect your brands identity in Europe and prevent cybersquatting tarnishing your brand!

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