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DotMobi Reaches 500,000 Registrations

.mobi domain names have reached 500,000 since they were launched last October.

The naming authority behind the domain said the continual growth of .mobi registrations illustrates that content developers are focused on delivering quality sites and applications to mobile phones.

.mobi domains have now been registered across 104 countries since October and mobile devices have no come on to the market that have been tailored for the domain and web page design rules for mobile users.

Some leading brands that have .mobi domains include Fox, BMW, Scandinavian Airlines, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, CNN, Business Week and Maxim.

“The results demonstrate the strong role dotMobi is playing in driving the creation of mobile content on the Internet,” said Neil Edwards, CEO of dotMobi. “Most importantly, the mobile industry's consumer focus around creating a .mobi web address is bearing strong results in a short period of time. Consumers finally have easy-to-use and affordable made-for-mobile content."

Neil also commented; "Our new cross-platform mobile web developer certification program is already graduating certified developers with hundreds of additional developers already signed to take certification testing.”