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Monster Valentine’s Week Promotion!

Good News Everyone! We’ve just started our new Valentine’s Week Promotion! This is a fantastic chance for you to vote for your preferred Valentine’s Day date and save yourself some money on your next domain name purchase too! We’ll be running the promotion for the next 5 days so that everyone has a chance to get involved!

If you want to take part in our promotion just click this banner:

Cheap Domain Promotion!

This will lead you to the Facebook Poll that you must answer to take part.

[You’ll need to be a Fan of our page on Facebook to take part in this promotion]

You’ll have to vote for your ideal Valentine’s Day date from the following options:

  • A long walk in the part followed by a romantic meal in your favourite restaurant.
  • An action packed day mountain climbing followed seeing your favourite band at a great venue.
  • A day in watching soppy films followed by a takeaway and some romantic chit chat.
  • Watching some sport with the lads then heading to the pub.
  • Having a day of shopping with the girls before hitting the town for the evening.
  • Sitting at home dodging cupid’s arrow altogether.

Not only have we reduced the price of .ME domain names already, as we love .ME and we want it to be our date for Valentine’s Day. But also, we’re giving everyone who takes part in our poll an additional discount!

So, if you want to show the Monster some love this Valentine’s Day (who wouldn’t!), then click the banner above or follow this link to access the promotional poll.

We want to spread the love as much as possible at this time of year. We’re going to be telling everyone on all of our social networks; Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to take part.

Why not share this promotion with your friends too so they don’t miss out! There are some sharing buttons at the bottom of this post to make things extra simple for you.

Thanks a bunch to all our Monsters for being such great customers.

We hope you enjoy the discounts and your Valentine’s Day!

Love Monster